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Paver Patio with Fire Place

Paver patio with fire place! Wow this is a real beauty! What a great way to expand outside with this livingspace! Great for entertaining or just relaxing you can’t go wrong and you won’t regret it!

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Paver Patio

It’s a great time to expland your living space! Adding another space outside is great for summer time fun!

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Smoking Woods

If you are the avid smoker or just love smoking some good mouth watering flavored meats we have the smoking woods for you,

we have Oak, Apple, Pear, Cherry, Apricot!

Please Melissa for availablity and prices at 402-957-3686






Summer time fun! Sitting around the firepit at night, whether your at home or camping we have your firewood waiting! All our wood is hard woods and always seasoned ready to use!

Call Melissa at 402-957-3686


Christmas Trees and Wreaths

IMG_0072We have Fraser and Balsam Trees and 24″ Wreaths that are very beautiful. Also our barn sale that is everything wood! We also sell firewood and slabed wood



Christmas Trees!

We are open!

November 24th  at 10:00 am!

Come and pick out your Christmas tree we have beautiful Balsams and Frasers as well as our beautiful 24″ wreaths with a red velvet bow! Barn Craft Sale!

IMG_5650  IMG_5528  IMG_5648 wreath fraser  balsom

Can’t wait to see you there! 6201 N. 132nd St. Omaha

Melissa 402-957-3686


Christmas Trees & Wreaths!

Christmas Trees & Wreaths are here soon!! We will have the Fraser and Balsam Trees Again!!  As well as the 24″ Wreaths with Red Velvet Bow.

We open Friday after Thanksgiving Day at 10:00 am Come and join in the fun and have some hot chocolate with us!




What a great time for bonfires!!! If you are going to be camping or relaxing in your own back yard its a great time for a bonfire! What a great way to relax and enjoy your time! If you are looking for great firewood call Melissa at 402-957-3686  We sell it in small amounts up to half cords and whole cords. o_1adu0ojsc1igmhti1lv71iubctaf


Saw Milled Lumber

We are excited about our finished order of a semi load of lumber to a local steel company! We appreciate them choosing Flash-N-Reds Inc to be a part of this exciting adventure! We look forward to working the them again in the future for any wood needs! Thank You!!! And as always thank you Andy for your expertise in saw milling it’s always a pleasure to work with you! IMG_9210IMG_9208IMG_9220IMG_9212IMG_9240IMG_9215IMG_9244



We have all hard wood firewood available for camping or your own fire pit in your back yard!!!

We offer all different size amounts to fit what you need!

Call Melissa today for details and prices @ 402-957-3686