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Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services

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Retaining Walls:
Retaining walls can be decorative or structural, made from manufactured block as well as natural stone.
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Brick paver patios let you use your imagination, whether you want something symmetrical or a more novel shape.

Fire Pits:
Fire pits create a warm gathering place for family and friends.

Outdoor Kitchens:
An outdoor kitchen is a wonderful addition, letting you keep your cooking and serving in one area. Your friends will enjoy conversation and camaraderie in your outdoor gathering place.
outdoor kitchen

Landscape Lighting:
Low voltage lighting is an amazing way to brighten up your walkways. It can be incorporated in pillars, water features, walls or any outdoor space. It gives a subtle, soothing evening glow without being blinding or overpowering house lights.
outdoor lighting

Entry ways welcome people to your home, garden and yard. They can be subtle or grand. An entry way expresses your hospitality to visitors and friends.
entry ways

Outdoor Living Space:
We’ve found that 98% of of our clients, those who’ve not had a space outdoors to relax or entertain, would never go without one again after we created one for them. A well designed outdoor space allows parents, children, grandchildren, friends & family to gather and enjoy time together. Such a space is only limited by your imagination.
outdoor living space

Berms give shape and dimension to your yard, adding character to your home. They create elevation changes for planting, diverting water, and other useful landscape functions that add aesthetic appeal.

Outdoor Fireplaces:
Fireplaces can be romantic and elegant additions to any outdoor space.

Comforting, welcoming and inviting; a soothing water feature can transform your living space into a peaceful getaway or an entertaining hot spot. We can help you enjoy that lifestyle.

Brick Paver Patios:
Patios can take on a very personal look, so be as creative as you would like. There are many different styles and colors of pavers to choose from to get the perfect look for your home.

Wood Working and Mill Work:
Flash-N-Reds proudly presents Be Back Wood Works and Cutting Edge Saw Mill. We provide these with all related services.
Wood Works

Pergolas offer much charm and character to any garden or yard. We make them to fit your space and complement your style.

We can handle all types of dirt work, backfill, swale construction, water drainage, rough grading and sloping. Our services include grading for new construction and additions.