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Wood Working and Mill Work

Wood Working and Mill Work

Flash-N-Reds proudly presents Be Back Wood Works

We provide all services related to wood and mill work. Our portable saw milling produces rough hewn lumber and slabbing with length and thickness cut to specification. We make mantels, table tops, bar tops, benches, beams and much, much more. We work with Walnut, Cedar, Maple, Oak, Honey Locust, Hackberry, Mulberry, Elm, Ash, Cottonwood, and Pine. We also sell firewood and we only use hard woods for our firewood giving you the best quality burn.

Finishing and installation services are available. We welcome special request orders as well as individual or bulk orders. As we always say, our wood working and mill work services are Limited Only by Your Imagination!


Our Woodworking Services
Saw Milling

What’s exciting about our service is that we’re a saw milling company that specializes in milling unique woods of all different shapes and sizes. We can leave the natural edges on the slabs or straight line them. The thickness of the slabs is based on what our clients want. From stakes for garden beds to custom beams for your house, we are limited only by your imagination! If you have any questions about our saw milling, please call – you will see our numbers below.

Logs, Lumber & Slabs

We do custom sawing. We have most of the Nebraska native hardwoods on hand and a variety of boards and slabs already cut. These are ready to use for bar tops, tables of all sizes, benches, and just about anything made out of wood small or large! We also cut beams and mantle pieces. Among the many species we deal with are Walnut, Maple, Honey Locust, Pine, Ash, Elm, Hackberry, Mulberry, Cedar and Cottonwood.


We are so passionate about our wood work that we can’t just mill the logs!! We make benches, table tops, tables, mantels, shelves, bar tops, counter tops, and anything you would want out of wood. We want to share your vision and provide you with a product to enjoy for generations to come! If you have a tree on your property, one that for some reason needs to be taken down but has a special place in your family’s heart, then call us. We call something like this a Be Back Wood Working Treasure. We will use the logs to provide you with a fine piece of furniture, or any other wood fixture you might desire from that tree. From a shade tree in your yard to a special family treasure, it will never leave you; it will simply be back to you as a Be Back Wood Working Treasure!


We have hardwood firewood for sale. We sell firewood by the cord or by the bundle. Firewood can be picked up on site or delivered for an additional charge. Please call Melissa in the office (402-957-3686) to get our pick up location or to schedule a delivery time.

Special Orders

From our custom saw milling of furniture, to our inventory of palette wood, we encourage you to ask us about special “out of the ordinary” orders! We would be grateful and privileged to be a part of any wood working project that’s special to you. We would like the opportunity because, as we always say, we are Limited Only by Your Imagination!


For more information please call or write to us

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